Thursday, November 10, 2011

My California Trip...

I had the most wonderful extended weekend! I got to go to California for 5 days!!!

The first stop on my trip was Ontario for the Scrapbook Expo! I had never been to an event like this and was totally stoked about going. Then I started seeing a bunch of chatter about how the shows were disappointing this year because they were so small and the industry was under representd blah blah blah. Well, to my eyes, this was not a small show!!! I was in Paper Heaven!!! I loved everything I saw and got to do. So many wonderful products to play with and to purchase.....Of course, I spent too much money but I got some lovely products and some great ideas for gifts for this holiday season! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and each night after the show I got to play with all the new goodies in my hotel room! Perfect for me!

The second and really most important part of my trip was to Calabasas to visit my baby girl. She is 23 and a recent graduate of Pepperdine University. Though she was raised as a Texan, she was (like her sister) actually born in California. She had the desire and the drive to go back to CA for college and made her dreams come true! Since graduation she has decided to stay in CA for the forseeable future. Though I am not happy about her staying there, I am sooooo proud of her for pursuing her dreams that I am totally okay with her being there (for a while). We got to have a wonderful day of just being together and talking which was very good for both of us and then we got to go to Disneyland which was VERY GOOD for both of us!!!

I am glad to be home in my own space where I can really relax. And even though I miss her something fierce, I know my baby girl will be 'home' for Christmas in just a few short days!!!!!

I have posted a couple of pictures of the cute things I made while on the road! Hope you enjoy!

This is an advent calendar made from a muffin tin! Was a cute kit I got at the show and made in the hotel room that night. Quick and easy but so clever! Uses circles cut from magnet sheets to cover each hole. Lots of layering of pretty papers and various styles of numbers makes a really striking piece.

Just a couple of quick cards. One with lots of layers and one from circles punched from scraps.

Altererd clock! Took a cheap Target clock apart, poked a hole in a dinner plate charger and attached the clock works. Then hot glued mini ornaments around for the numbers! Time consuming but easy! Will be making more of these. I did this one for my daughter and her roomies. The wall over their kitchen sink was absolutely white and bare. Nobody should have to look at a bare wall while doing dishes!!!

Hope you enjoyed this little ramble!

Be Blessed and have a chirpy day!

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