Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy November!!!!

Wanna see the cutest things in the whole world?  If the answer is yes just scroll down if the answer is no then come back another day!!!

It will be no secret to anyone who looks more than once at this blog that I simply adore my children and grandchildren!  Today I have nothing more to show you than the grands' adorable costumes from Halloween this year.  Now you need to know that Jack and Dottie's parents are professional photographers and graphic artists so these will never be just your run of the mill snapshots that I share of the grands!

First up, Jack aka Captain America!  He is such a wonderful little boy (all boy) with an incredible imagination.  I feel sure that he will be a producer or director when he grows up because his playtime fantasies are always spectacular productions!  His mommy took the pictures and his daddy added the cinemagraphic touches!  This is the second in a series of posters that Jack has done for Halloween.  I will come back in the next week or so and share last year's shot of him and of his baby sister!

Disclaimer time--Jack was never in harm's way!  All the extra stuff is CG done by his dad!

Then there is Dorothy.  She used to be quite easy to photograph, just put her someplace and make her smile and snap the shot.  At 18 months, she has decided that she has been too soft on us.  The "Terrible 2's" are starting to show up and for this session although she was at least all smiles, she refused to do her "Rawr" pose.  Oh well, still so much sweetness that diabetic coma is a danger!

My daughter and son in law are so very talented.  They excell in spontaneous beauty and capturing the fleeting moments in life.  I encourage you to check out their blog at  I don't think you will be disappointed!

Be blessed and have a chirpy afternoon!

The Nan

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  1. What wonderful pictures. You said cutest things in the world and I knew it would be the children you love!